Whether your pet needs a quick visit, or a walk, each of our visits include:

  • Feeding and fresh water
  • Play, daily hair brushing
  • Lots of TLC
  • Our nutritious treats

Please check out each of our services to determine which is the best fit for your pet and your lifestyle:

Individual Dog Walking

Exercise is absolutely critical to the well being of your dog. Unfortunately, if a dog is left at home without proper exercise, they can get bored. Their boredom can develop into destructive or hyperactive behaviors. This can translate into your dog destroying your favorite pair of shoes, or shredding the couch. At All Fur Love Pet Care, we believe that a well-exercised dog is a happy and well-behaved dog. By taking your pet on a daily walk, we will help your dog: prevent obesity, strengthen bones, improve mood, tone muscles, enhance mental health, and ensure that your pet is happy.

30 minute walk

All Visits Include: Exercise, play and/or dog walkFeeding and fresh water. Loving care and attention. Brisk/leisurely walk (depending on your dog). Our nutritious treats.

60 minute walk

All Visits Include: Exercise, play and/or dog walk. Feeding and fresh water. Loving care and attention. Brisk/leisurely walk (depending on your dog). Our nutritious treatsHandling trash. Mail/Newspaper pickup. Security Check.

Pampered Pet Visits

Going out of town? All Fur Love Pet Care offers visits to your pet at home, eliminating the stress that boarding and sleeping out may cause to “man’s best friend.” We will come to your home and care for your pet while you are away, continuing their daily routine as per your instructions. The visits include providing water, food, exercise and any special needs such as medication, brushing and of course, plenty of playtime. This service is offered for both dogs and cats. Dogs usually need 2-3 visits per day and cats 1-2. We also provide house sitting services such as picking up the newspaper and mail, alternating lights, security check, opening and closing blinds to ensure your home looks “lived in” while you are away. This peace of mind allows you to enjoy your time away from home knowing everything is being cared for in a professional manner.

Home Care

  • Mail and Newspaper pickup
  • Water plants
  • Security Check
  • Light rotation
  • Trash and Recycle bins in/out
  • Litter scooping/dog waste pick up
  • Feeding and fresh water

Cage-Free Pet Boarding

Cage-Free boarding within our homes mean that your pet will experience all the amenities of your home such as heating, air conditioning and a cozy living space. Because we only offer a limited number of spaces for our visitors, chemistry between the host and their pet guests is of utmost importance to us. Due to the uniqueness of a cage-free environment, we want to ensure that the natural behavior of your pet is well matched with our home. Our low number of pet guests means that individual attention becomes paramount for your “baby.” Depending on your requests, you will receive updates of your pet during their stay. We’ll go the extra mile to make sure your pet experiences similar living conditions to your own home.

Boarding Visits Include

  • 2 daily walks included
  • Flexible feeding schedule (per your instructions)
  • Fresh water and treats
  • Play Time
  • Loving care and attention

Emergency Pet Taxi

Are you stuck at work or traveling? All Fur Love Pet Care can come to the rescue! We can pick up your pet at your home and deliver them to your desired destination. No more need to reschedule missed appointments. We are there at any time of day.

“My dog is worried about the economy because Alpo is up to 99¢ a can. Thats almost $7.00 in dog money.” -Joe Weinstein