Petting Sitting Services In Walnut Creek

If you’re like most pet owners, your pets are your like children to you. You wouldn’t trust just anybody to watch your children, and you shouldn’t trust just anybody to watch your pets. At All Fur Love Pet Care we treat your pet the way we would like to see our pets treated. With our wide array of services you can feel comfortable knowing that your pet is in good hands.

Pet Sitting Services

Our pet sitting services are everything your pet could ever dream of, and more! We give your pet all of the companionship and exercise they need while you are working. When left to their own devices, dogs often get bored; which can spell bad news for your furniture. We offer your furry friend constructive outlets for that energy, and lots of TLC to boot!

Our Other Services

In addition to pet sitting, we offer individual dog walking, pet visits, pet boarding and even an emergency pet taxi. Our dog walking service ranges from the exercise and play your active dog needs to a brisk walk, depending on your pet’s needs. If you’re going out of town, but don’t want to put your pet through the stress of pet boarding, we offer in home pet visits to care for your pet and keep them company. If your dog plays nice with others, we offer cage-free boarding and we can even deliver your pet to you in our emergency pet taxi.

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To learn more about our pet sitting services in Walnut Creek, CA, or to take advantage of our services, call or email us today! We look forward to hearing from you!